Tristan Manas, the Beast behind the lens


Tristan with Hayley

Tristan with Hayley

Born in Manila, Phillipines and based in Melbourne, Australia, Tristan Manas is one of the most renowned photographers in social media these days. His creativity, unique style and booty shots of the most insta-famous Aussie models have positioned him as one of the top photographers in The Land Down Under.

Do you remember that moment when you decided to become a photographer? When did it happen?

Yeah absolutely, the moment when I wanted to be an actual pro photographer was when I was working for Channel 9 producing a live TV show back in 2007 and I wanted to be better with my composition. Instead of just picking up a camera and running with it, I wanted to understand photography so I decided to study while working and ended with a Diploma of Photography back when I lived in New Zealand.

How has your journey as a photographer been?

It’s been good, plenty of learning along the way and still learning. As a freelance photographer, I have to learn the business by doing, and it’s been great ever since.

Vicki Aisha


Dolly Diamond


How would you define your photography style?

I like to say it’s not your “mainstream look”. At the start I kinda did what I like visually and creatively. Growing in this business, I work with what the client wants and what it’s for. If someone need it for work or like a more brighter look, then thats what I do (with my own twist of course). Some just ask me straight up for the booty shots [lol].

What inspires you?

I like to be a photography Auteur, coming from a Film/TV background I want people to look at a photo and be able to recognise my work without my name on it.

Paula Manzanal


Rebecca Edwards


Do you think collaborations between artists are important for their own growth in such a competitive industry these days?

It really depends, if you’re starting out then yeah shoot as much as you can. Its like being a Pokemon the more you train the more you level up and eventually you can be a beast at what you do.

If you could collaborate with any artist, dead or alive, who would it be?

I’d like to work with Annie Leibovitz or David La Chapelle they are seriously awesome!



Lauren Simpson


What do you think about the influence of social media in photography these days?

This day if you’re a freelancer you have to take it seriously. Social Media has fully grown to becoming a digital billboard. Some people still find it hard to let go from being a personal page to a business page. In reality it is so much bigger right now and it rivalizes TV, Magazine, Radio or the newspaper.

What is the biggest obstacle you have faced in your career as a photographer?

Being able to just sit here and start editing at will. I see photography as an art, I still got to get in the zone to work on edits and it does eat a lot of time.

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Paula Manzanal


What’s the next step in your career?

I would like to travel to Europe and shoot there. Expanding my portfolio and shooting and meeting people around the world.

Flash questions:

A song … Everlong – Foofighters

A color … RED

A camera brand … Sony 

A lens … Canon 50mm L-series

A location … Gold Coast

A mobile app … Clash Royale [lol]

A guilty pleasure … Popcorn and Ice cream

A phrase/quote … “Yeahhhh Buddy!”


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By Luis “Luigi” Cristofori


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